Jul. 23rd, 2012

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'what the fuck' call of the day:

guy calls and wants to book a hotel room for 6 people in vegas, and he's describing what he's looking for, and says 'we're shooting a porn movie'. I'm like okay fine whatever, and I proceed to find him a suitable room, with a roof beam (as requested), two baths (practical for 6 sticky people) and that allows pets (didn't tell him the last thing, but it woulda been hilarious :-D). he asked me if I watch porn, and I said I wasn't comfortable talking about my shit. then he says I have a manly voice and asks if I wanna be IN a porno. :-o I said no politely and asked if I he still wanted to book the room (takes a lot to phase me :-p). he started again asking if I watch porn, and suddenly it didn't sound like shop talk anymore...


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