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bought a sata 3 solid state hard drive yesterday, to replace the sata 2 one. even though numbers-wise it's not much difference, some things are noticeable faster and smoother. :-)

also bought a ups (battery backup) unit. the power went out a couple of days ago, AGAIN, and I cringed. it's like turning the computer off by unplugging it - everytime that happens you roll the dice on whether it'll be okay when you turn it back on. :-/ so yeah, now when the power goes out I'll have a few minutes to shut everything down properly.

fucking power goes out more in my part of the city than anywhere else - what the fuck. it happens so often I've taken the time to make myself a 'power outage kit' so everything I need is together. that reminds me, I gotta go to the store and get more candles - severe thunderstorm forecast for later.

also need bacon. :-p
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