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1) What's the worst movie you've ever seen?
1. titanic (you listing it reminded me). first time I saw the movie I commented that kate winslet looks like she should be leonardo whatshisname's babysitter. and I fucking hate how they ALWAYS pollute historical movies with a sickeningly sappy love story - it's like it's the standard formula now. it's kind of insulting that hollywood doesn't think the historical story is enough to make it interesting (on cable there's several whole channels devoted to history for fuck's sake, and not one cheesy love story channel).

2) What is your most favorite dessert indulgence?
hot fudge sundae. do I need to explain why? :-p

3) Most favorite country you have visited?
I'm so lame - I have a great hotel discount (way better than the discount I can get other people) and potentially free flights and I haven't fucking gone anywhere. only place I've been outside of canada is a few miles into the states smuggling plutonium and kinder surprise eggs. quebec city feels like another country, so I'll say that.

4) What country have you not visited yet that you are excited to explore?
mostly I have a big list of museums and restaurants and battlefields, rather than a list of countries. they'd be day trips if I could teleport. dear science community: where the fuck is teleporting technology you lazy pricks?

5) What books have you enjoyed this year so far?
all I've really 'read' other than manuals and gaming magazines is the hunger games and books 1 & 2 of song of ice and fire on audiobook. actually haven't got one actual book here right now, because I gave them all to a charity sale earlier this year.
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