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this week I'm determined to do something with all the computer parts I've been hoarding. right now I have 2 computers that I use, 2 that I don't use, and enough parts to make at least one more and then some. and that's kinda silly. especially since storing stuff neatly in one place really isn't my thing. :-p

so I'm setting up a workbench in the bedroom where the best lighting is, laying out all my parts, building what I can with it, and then getting rid of what's left over. I already have some parts earmarked for upgrading family, and the rest I'll make a list of and sell or give away online.

in other news, I shoulda been in bed 3 hours ago. my body thinks I still work nights. :-/ stupid body.

Date: 2012-08-15 11:01 am (UTC)
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i'd love to have computers all over the house, but i seriously can't think of any uses for them...lol @ my problems

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