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neil armstrong died. :-( first man on the moon.

most people now have a hard time imagining what it took to get to the moon. hitting a moving target in space with an on-board computer less powerful than a modern cell phone. and coming back afterward, to this moving target. they had to calculate all the unknowns, because it was all unmapped. some of it was guesswork - highly educated guesswork, but still guesswork. our atmosphere refracts light like water in a glass, so the sun and moon and stars aren't where they look like they are. they had to calculate where the moon really was, plan a trajectory thousand of miles in a vacuum, figure out acceleration and steering, braking, landing, life support, even how to eat and take a piss. nobody really knew 100% for sure what would happen and if it would really work.

but people lined up to go. guts doesn't even begin to describe that.

it was probably the best, most inspiring thing mankind has done during my lifetime.
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