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what the fuck is wrong with people?

I just saw an article online saying that in the wake of that colorado theatre shooting, there's a big INCREASE in gun sales in the states.

great. more guns. in the hands of people who think shooting back at this guy in a dark theatre full of panicking people would've been been a good plan.

just picture that.

fucking morons.
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hey look, a different userpic!

that is all. :-)
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updated journal style and whatnot. not entirely happy with it, but I gotta crash now so whatever (working nights right now so yeah I crash at 8am).

added some cooking comms, and the only(?) 'add me' comm. maybe I'll get some people added soon too, but no rush. :-p

somebody remind me to upload more userpics.
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'what the fuck' call of the day:

guy calls and wants to book a hotel room for 6 people in vegas, and he's describing what he's looking for, and says 'we're shooting a porn movie'. I'm like okay fine whatever, and I proceed to find him a suitable room, with a roof beam (as requested), two baths (practical for 6 sticky people) and that allows pets (didn't tell him the last thing, but it woulda been hilarious :-D). he asked me if I watch porn, and I said I wasn't comfortable talking about my shit. then he says I have a manly voice and asks if I wanna be IN a porno. :-o I said no politely and asked if I he still wanted to book the room (takes a lot to phase me :-p). he started again asking if I watch porn, and suddenly it didn't sound like shop talk anymore...

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ha I suck. starting a new journal and then having nothing to say.

ok, here's something. the spree shootings in toronto and now colorado. what the fuck. I know almost nobody's reading this, but spread the word - if you know somebody who's a whackjob or even just a dumbass, TAKE THEIR GUN THE FUCK AWAY FROM THEM. seriously. pass it on.
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still no time to properly set stuff up here. been without internet - screwed up wiring somewhere when I was relocating my computers. also been sick (I think it's some salmon I bought).

got internet back late last night and hopefully I'll get this squared away after work.
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hey just set this up. it's me - kevin (durr).

I'll be back later to upload userpics and post drivel.

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